Powder feeder 7103 intended to provide a controlled feed of metal and ceramic powder materials in the laser powder coating and plasma spraying complexes.

Main features

Technical data

Speed of the dosing wheel, rpm 1…40
Controlled powder flow rate, g/min
- pulse mode: 0…3
- frequency (continuous) mode: 0…100
Transporting gas argon, nitrogen, air
Working gas inlet pressure, kPa 30…300
Hopper volume, l
Note: can be changed at the customer request.
Maximal weight, kg
Note: when using a hopper of the above capacity and not including powder weight. The total weight depends on powder density.
Power supply voltage, VDC 12…30
Maximal power consumption, W 30

Requirements for powder materials

Package Options

  1. For the supply of metallic and ceramic powder materials to the weld zone as part of a laser powder welding complex. Two operation modes: frequency (continuous) and pulse. Pulsed mode is intended for the partial supply of powder in the process of surfacing. Surfacing is performed in the mode of laser power modulation. The pulse method of surfacing is used to control the structure and properties of the deposited material directly in the process of surfacing.
  2. For the continuous supply of metallic and ceramic powders to the plasma gun (torch) as part of a complex of gas-thermal powder spraying. To produce composite materials, up to 4 powders can be injected simultaneously.

Control methods


User Manual (HTML, Russian, Version 1)
User Manual (PDF, Russian, Version 1)